Monday, 23 January 2012

Reflection: Courage, Faith and Fear and Delight

I was looking at yesterday's blog, and I have a small reflection. I gave "The Schedule" the power to make me afraid of myriad unknowns.  Ironically, it was more information that made me afraid of the unknowns.  When I was in the moment...and when I returned to being in the moment, I was calm.

The sheer number of tasks, and the physical-world-changing nature of the tasks materialize out of the vision and courage of the WWOOF hosts.  Instead of pondering and worrying about what might happen if they ( and their WWOOFers) try to do something, they just jump in and do it.

If  our hosts dropped into my circle in Santa Monica, folks might scramble for cover. The amount of talking and thinking and pondering that precedes any action back home is several orders of magnitude greater than what happens here, and the physical risks are greater here (from chain saws, aggressive branches, tomohawks, japanese gardening knives, etc.).

The simple, daily courage with which tasks are presented and undertaken is inspiring. There is faith that things will work out, and total acceptance of the (inevitable) setbacks of things that take longer or go wrong. There is delight--clear, happy, joyous delight--at every success.  Gratitude toward others and to the cooperation of the physical universe, seemingly working toward the same end.

Hoo Hah!  Another day!

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