Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 8: A Break in the Weather....

There was a slight window between showers when we woke up.  Molly made progress clearing a few vegetable gardens. I finally finished weeding around the tropical apricots.

the tree is somewhere in the middle, surrounded by kikuyu (which I can now spell)

After breakfast, Molly interviewed Alec about his economic system.  I overhead bits and pieces while I wrote, but that is her business...

I got a Facebook message from a friend who now lives in Wellington. I’ll call once my phone works again—it seems not to be able to send or receive from this location. Molly has a co-op contact in Wellington as well.  Maybe it is worth a bus trip from our next wwooff? More will be revealed.

Morning Dog Walk was late, but uneventful.  I finally dressed for the weather—wearing my unitard mid-thigh swimwear under my rain jacket, with crocs.  Meanwhile, some of clothes are finally dry.
jeans, socks, shoes drying

Molly made a good lunch:
The afternoon tasks included clearing a huge hexagonal garden bed for Molly. She also found some time to document stuff for her internship, and chill out a bit.

the beds before

in progress


Molly hauled the weeds to the compost pile

then took a break...
Evening walk was damp

inside work
protected from the rabbits organically
My tasks for the afternoon included repairing the umbrellas:

...and weeding out the tomatoes:
above: BEFORE

below: AFTER

Molly, beautiful Molly, in repose, caught unaware:

Dinner: Molly cooked soba and veggies.  I cooked the Nadis-Schwartz soy sauce and honey chicken for Alec.  With chard, onions and carrots.

In the evening, Molly and I worked on the Split Decisions puzzle that Dick had emailed and Alec printed out for us.  Is “gallish” a word? The internet doesn't think so. It goes well with “Garnish” and “googol”.  But there were several “proper nouns”—Google, Oslo, Corvette and Mach…maybe Games magazine owes me a t-shirt...


  1. I'm still working at it, but "mach" came up for me, too. Isn't "mach number" -- for speed -- decapitalized? Thanks so much for the blog. Seems like, again, you are leaving things better than you found them.

  2. I am so enjoying this trip, Molly & Teri! Helps to balance out my days of taxes, Lakers and Nesbo mysteries.

  3. Teri - Just went back and read every word of this blog - I am so loving it! This is my fantasy trip (one day). The land looks magical and beautiful, and it looks like you are working hard! Always a smile on your face though. Keep writing and thank you for sharing with all of us.

  4. Great trip diary so far, Teri. Your story just flows!

  5. Keep on truckin'! Good job; I'm ready to move now.