Friday, 13 January 2012

Gratitude 14 Jan 2012

I have been accumulating some pictures and some thoughts about what I have been grateful for on this trip.
the 1 liter to 8 liter waterproof bags for sorting stuff in my backpack and staying organized

the electric US to NZ converter set up with 3 plugs that my husband got for me before we left
It allows us to plug in all of our devices that need re-charging

my little sewing kit and mini Swiss Army knife with scissors

sugarless gum, which eased the problems I was having with my mouth wires
the ethernet cable at Alec's, because my wifi had gone wonky and he didn't have any wifi anyway...even though the set up was right in the middle of the kitchen where Alec could silently stand behind the user and read everything. OK that doesn't quite belong on a gratitude list.

The saucepans that were stashed away in these dusty boxes at Alec's...that allowed us to make soup and pasta

my wireless is working again...and I had a nice 90 minutes of  writing downstairs at the quadrant with my trusty computer...and a what was a tall glass of very cold and very dark microbrewed beer

I am SO grateful for Molly as a traveling companion--her willingness to process and discuss things that come up, and her willingness to listen and set boundaries and just generally be a wonderful human being. 

And, of course, I am grateful for my family and friends-- to come back home to....

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  1. And I am grateful for the two of you taking me to these faraway places!