Sunday, 15 January 2012

14 Jan: Saturday--from Auckland to Katikati

I am drafting this post on the bus to Katikati. It has been a rainy/sunny/rainy/hot/cold/rainy day.  We have put away and retrieved our rain jackets three times on our walk from the hotel to the Sky Tower, where there was an Intercity bus terminal—quite a large, central one.  Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself.

This morning I woke up at 6:00 and then again a little before 8:00.  I showered and went downstairs for eggs and a coffee, then came back up to the room to wake Molly and pack up.  We checked out, right when it was starting a major downpour. We were fully packed and carrying, with backpacks etc.  Our goal was to go to Raw Power (we had already noted that Revive was closed on the weekend), but RP was closed, too.  Molly remembered that there was a  spot called “Habitual Fix” which had some great veggie options—we got wraps to go to eat on the bus.
I didn't look in a mirror after I strapped on my gear...

some people always look good

inside at Habitual Fix
 We hung out there for a while, then got directions to the Sky Tower (DIRECT directions…let’s just say that being loaded up with the baggage was a little much for me).  We checked in  at the terminal, the went to the Sky Tower STARBUCKS and sat upstairs to chillax before it was time to board the bus at 12:45.
typical public toilet door enclosure--this one in the lobby of the Sky Tower building... BTW all public toilets have two buttons--one for very low flushing and another bigger flush

the bus terminal at the Sky Tower

Molly at the Sky Tower

Tourist attraction jumper outside the Sky Tower...we had enough of touristy things the previous night at the Ice House, so we passed on this.

Headed for my request.

The upstairs sitting room at the Sky Tower Starbucks--better than anything I've seen in the States.

Oops...a spill. The lid wasn't quite on my Short Flat White (espresso and steamed milk)

Zoom in on this: we finally found a vegan restaurant...

I should have rotated this in iPhoto...but this is a picture of the weekend puzzle page--including a giant crossword...with some very challenging NZ clues.
 On the bus, I am relieved.  I feel as thought I can relax—someone else is making the decisions for a while. I can just sit back. There is always the very slight doubt in the meantime that I have made a mistake, or that the bus might be cancelled.  But once I am on public transportation, I am so relaxed and relieved.
Tree Hugger veggie wrap on the bus

Molly on the bus
3 hours to Katikati (with several stops in between)where we were picked up by Rex and headed back to their homestead. It was an absolutely marvelous first day.  Rex and Jo are warm, knowledgable, energetic.  The place is comfortable, the food is top-notch, and there is a bonus wwoofer, Jacques, a 30 year old in career transition to healer.  

A view from Rex and Jo's

My own bed!  What a surprise!

the lovely kitchen

It's labelled "kitchen garden" but it is, in fact, a compost toilet.
Two, in fact... One that gets layered with sawdust, and another that is  over a lidded bucket.

We had a fabulous vegan dinner of salad, "eggplant parmesan"--uncooked, but long marinated--and vegan cheesecake.  So yummy.

To bed at 10:30.  We slept really well.


  1. So does Molly eat cheese or milk products or is that out?

  2. No cheese or milk products or eggs...she's been vegan for more than 18 months...actually at this WWOOF locale we are ALL eating vegan--every meal, every day...and I have never felt more satisfied or more energetic. Hmmmm....