Thursday, 19 January 2012


18 Jan Wednesday: Itadakimas

Itadakimas is a Japanese word we have learned here. My understanding is that it means “thank you” in the most historically inclusive way.  As a grace before meals, it means thank you for all the work and nutrients and energy that have been provided by the earth, the sun, the soil, the seed, the farmers, the water, the pickers, the handlers, the knives and knife-makers, the people providing the power if the food is cooked, the utensil makers, the chef, the table makers, the efforts of all to get to the place to enjoy the meal. 

I would like to express itadakimas to all the forces that brought me to this WWOOFing spot…all the healing and meditation I have practiced before, the money I’ve earned  to afford to come here, my daughter and her interests that made this possible, my husband’s support for this trip, my older daughter’s influence on my life and my soul that has made this trip so much richer, even though she is not with me. Rex and Jo and all of the steps along their paths that have led them to this place.  Jacques and all of the wide-ranging healing study and learning he has done, and the patience and groundedness with which he infuses the space.

It is awesome in an almost undescribable way, and I am truly grateful.

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