Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 5: Friday 06 Jan: Farm Chores to a Sunset and Glow Worms

Muesli and coffee
Morning Dog Walk--I didn't take my camera
Morning work: planting zucchini and papaya
here was a bed before, under a permaculture chook hoop.
we planted 8 plants around 2/3 of the hoop.

At lunch I got some computer time in.  Lunch is simple. Usually a piece of fresh bread and peanut butter for me…Marmite and jam for Alec…veggie wrap for Molly.

Afternoon:  First a stop at the pond. This is where Alec and Molly took a swim yesterday, but today Molly and I were just soaking our legs. 
Alec is NOT about to jump in...he still has on his shorts.
tadpoles in the pond.

Afternoon work: raking the kikyu.  Kikyu is a grass that has a root system like Bermuda grass and grows to be very tall. Easily waist-high, everywhere. 
kikyu height 

another view of kikyu height

Alec took an industrial weed whacker and whacked a lot of it down.  My task was to rake it into mounds for pick-up later; there is only one rake.

The raking begins...

A successful pile is formed...but the rain the next day didn't allow us time to pick it up

 Dinner—I started a lentil soup before Evening Dog Walk…

And after dinner, there was a great sunset. Molly took pictures. No comments needed.

After dark we visited the Glow-worm hang-out.  This is Molly’s picture.

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  1. I loved that sunset picture. It was unearthly!