Saturday, 28 January 2012

25 Jan Wednesday: Garlic, omelettes and The Biodynamic 500

Another day...I wake up early, and caught some of the sunrise...
Morning tasks included garlic sorting and hanging
Molly braids garlics selected for starting garlic plants the following year

we hang garlic to dry and use this year in the garage about the "pushbikes" (as opposed to "motorbikes")

Garlic for next years' plants is hidden in the secret toilet in the garage...

Teri with her yellow and green flower heart hexagon...painted on the water reservoir

Molly painted rustle...because it is so much the experience of being on the Busby farm--the the wind blowing, among other things.

Jacques added this, which in Objiway and Cree means "thank you."
A dinner treat: Rex is cooking his specialty--OMELETTES.  This is the first animal protein we have indulged in, and we live with it, since the eggs are from chickens we know--at the next door neighbors farm/ homestead.
Jacques is served first

the salad has an extremely tasty dressing with celery stalks pureed and garlic...YUM

Teri's omelette has eyebrows.

Molly's omelette is made from "small" eggs...
After dinner, we had a real treat---preparing and distributing the Biodynamic "500" solution.  Biodynamics is a farming system championed by Rudolf Steiner, and it coordinates with earth and celestial body movements.  The solution is made of cow dung stored underground over winter in a cow's horn, and it then diluted in water, to form an almost homeopathic low dilution of energized essence.

The final steps involve vortexing the diluted mix for an hour...3 direction changes a minute.  This means making the water form a tornado circling clockwise, then as soon as you get it going, reversing the vortex to counter clockwise, then reversing it again.  Needless to say, we took turns doing this, but it strangely became smoother and easier as the time went on.   We then took brushes and flung it over the whole property where things were growing, like a benediction or a blessing. What fun
Molly and Rex with their bucket of 500

Rex gets an exceptionally vigorous vortex going

I guess I missed this paper mache dog when I was doing the Art photos.  It was in Molly's room

At night, we went to Henry's place (he has the chickens) to check out the stream and the glow worms.  This is a little glimpse into what we are told is his swimming hole.  I will post Molly's crazy-good glow worm pictures in a future post.

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