Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 9: Tues 10 Jan: Bumblebees and Kauri

Before the Morning Dog Walk, I spied this plump orange and black bumblebee helping out the tomatoes:

The morning walk went in a new direction: toward the few Kauri trees on Alec's property. This tree was along the way:

above is a cedar, which make the right angle branches

Alec and Molly stand in front of the fairly young kauri tree

a view from the highest point on Alec's property

Molly en route to Kauri #2

Kauri #2

poison bait trap for the rabbits, set near the papaya. 
The practical over the organic...

replanted store-bought lettuce does not look like it will make it.
Near the end of the morning walk, we went by the green-surfaced pond.  Dog took a mucky swim.

Alec had some book recommendations for us:

I know someone who would like to see the Airstreams in this book.
Actually, all the caravans are from the mid-twentieth century.
In the evening, we packed up for an early morning departure...

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