Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 10: 11 Jan, Weds: Leaving the Mosquito Coast

...I'm not just referring to Molly's 50 bug bites, I am alluding to the book by Paul Theroux, or the movie starring Harrison Ford. The plot involved a single-minded, know-it-all survivalist who moved his family to live in his own universe along the Mosquito Coast in Central America.  It did not end well.

Let's just say that in hindsight, there were some similarities.

It was great to get out of there, and it took some adjustment time to get my center back.

In my excitement to leave the property at 9:45am to make the 10:00 ferry, it was good that Molly was at
my side.  "Mom," she said..."you are driving on the wrong side of the road."  The right turn into the right hand lane seemed all too "right."  Luckily, it was a rarely-traveled country road and I was able to correct my mistake.

Generally, now that we are driving again...the left-side of the road business is becoming more natural.  There is one thing that is still jarring.  As I am driving along, when I see a car on the right hand side road try to make a left turn, toward me...I forget that he will be turning into the other lane, not my lane, and I momentarily am on all-alert, shocked that I am driving on the left.

A scenic stop along the bay en route to Waipua Forest

On our way back to Auckland en route to the Bay of Plenty, we took the western coastal travel opportunities available: the ferry, a visit to the most giant of the ancient Kauri trees, and a stop in Dargaville that ended up being a two-night stop--we were very much in need of some rest and recuperation.
On the ferry, leaving Kohukohu for Rahewe

This is a photo of me and Tane Mahuta
This is me and a Swiss boy who had been on the ferry with us with his two parents.  We are in front of the Kauri with the greatest GIRTH: Tane Matua Ngahere 
We find our hotel in Dargavillee, 2km beyond the center of town

I left Molly in the hotel room at her request, and I found the Blah Blah Blah Cafe.  I had a great lunch, followed by a cappacino

some of the Blah Blah Blah art

my pasta and mushroom, pepper and bacon lunch

after lunch, I could not resist a visit to Molly's fashions, where two old ladies helped me find a nice pair of old lady short pants...

After an afternoon of talks, and a visit to the smallest laundromat ever--a one-car garage with 3 washers and 3 dryers, we went to dinner at Shiraz.  There, the sweetest young man took total care to make sure that Molly's meal was vegan. It was an Indian restaurant that also did pizza. 

We decided to stay another night right were we were, rather than going off to hot springs. 

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