Monday, 23 January 2012

19 Jan Thursday: clearing, compost repair, sewing outdoors and sushi

When we woke up this morning and saw this note:
Winnie the Pisa had gotten too hot! 175 degrees Fahrenheit
 Molly and Jacques had the job of repairing  Winnie by moving him/her to a new pile, and adding more carbon (hay).  We will be taking the pile's temperature every day to make sure it is in a healthy range.  Every backyard composter that I know would love to have a pile that got this hot this fast.

 Meanwhile, I was sewing shade cloth to complete the wind break for the Main Garden.  I used clothes pins to mark the holes that needed repaired, and to keep it tight.

The "elephant in the room" of course is the clearing of the felled trees.  While we were working at the above tasks, Peter the Tree guy came again and the other two trees were cut down. The detritus was to be separated into:

  •  huge piles of branches of a certain size, butt side facing one way to be put through the wood chipper
  • big, big wood in a pile, waiting for the milling machine to be borrowed, to get milled wood, probably to sell or trade.
  • rotten wood, to be thrown to the rotten wood pile
  • cordwood
The purpose of the cordwood is to build a small studio, using a special technique:

Rex's book on cordwood building.
 Today was also laundry day.  Two mixed loads, which we all pitched in to hang to dry

Those of you looking carefully will probably notice the fuzzy spot that has been on my camera for the last few days.  I think it disappears in tomorrow's pictures, but there was some smear on my lens, probably from carrying my camera in my sweaty back pocket...

The main order of the afternoon was tree clearing.  It was hot and the sun was bright, even though the afternoon started about 3:30.

Molly with the branches of a certain size. 
When we were ready to pass out, we took a break and planted 7 different kind of cabbage seedlings in the shade house/greenhouse.

Dinner was absolutely stunning: family-style vegetarian sushi, which we each made into cones...

the beautiful spread.  Not seen: stacks of nori squares

A bit of egg (from chickens at Henry's, the neighbor) was also a choice..the first animal product of the week.

one of my cones, ready to fold
After dinner we watched several "faster EFT' videos by Robert Smith.  Jo and Jacques are both practitioners of EFT, and learning this new technique.  So many opportunities for healing ourselves as well as the planet...

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