Friday, 6 January 2012

Into the Northland; at Alec Kennedy's WWOOF

Day 3: Weds. 04 Jan 12 Northland:

This morning I breakfasted on smoked salmon and rye crackers on a round table outside our room at the BK P motor hotel.  An extended family with a huge van, twin 5 year old boys and a greyhound were packing up for a day trip. That was fun to watch.  Too bad I forgot to use my camera at the whole location.  I was too busy trying to hook up the wifi.

Off we drove to the Bay of Islands, which was beautiful but touristy.  We bought some herbal creams at a craft fair booth, where Riyx told us to lunch in Kerikeri.  We  took the rough road to Haruru Falls en route.

Bay of Islands

Haruru Falls

NZ sign at Haruru Falls: is the kiwi word for bicyclist "dog" ???? just kidding.

The Health lady--Riyx?-- told us to eat lunch and shop for dandelion tea in Kerikeri.  The health food store had closed but we had a great lunch at Santee gluten free cafe:
Molly's chickpea burger (cafe owned by an Israeli woman and Kiwi husband)

my root veggie and chicken salad with borage deco;
Molly is working on a puzzle 

After an hour and a half of driving, we arrived at Alec's-- just a few km from the tiny town of Kohukohu--at about 3:00 pm--I mean 15:00. 

The general accommodations:

the shed--at the roadside

up a steep hill, we see alec's place to the left. His Nissan and our caravan in front

inside our caravan. the couch/backpack shelf and Molly's bed
dysfunctional kitchen at the right

my bed and stuff

en route to the toilet and sink

our sink; there are grapes growing outside the window

gravity flush toilet: perfect.

A tour of the property:

cherimoya heaven

macadamia nuts in process



macadamia nuts final product

Missy Luki banana, with Alec and Molly

NZ version of a pine tree

silverbeet aka swiss chard



tree tomato or tamarillo

beneficial wasps that eat white moths.

Evening Dog Walk about 6:00.  A few things learned:
--All water is collected rainwater. 4 reservoir system.
--Alec has two potential caravan spots at higher locations on his property. 
--Too many plants identified to remember...but this is a daily routine, so we have a chance.
--DO NOT PET THE DOG.  It tolerates three strokes, then nips the petter's thigh. OK. It is a 150 lb Maremma named "DOG". I'm not going to make a new best friend here. 

Dinner:  Alec usually eats a one plate microwave dinner. Frozen pork piece, potato, carrot, topped with silver beet (swiss chard) and cheese. Molly and I have leftovers from our hotel shopping trips. PB crackers salad. 

Evening: tie up Dog before he becomes too hard to coax in. TV goes on when even walk is completed, and doesn't go off. Molly and I do clean up. Alec likes the WWOOFers to do the cooking and clean up. 
Alec stays up until 1:00 or 2:00 am, so he is a little disappointed that Molly and I are ready to turn in at 10:00. Oh well. We will work it out.  

Exhausted, we sleep well.


  1. What a brillant trip! It certainly looks like the Garden of Eden, so hope you get your fill of fruit and silverbeet. Alec is quite the nightowl, so what time does the farmday get started?

  2. Enjoying your photos and narrative, Teri. Suggestion: there should be a photo book called "Bernsteins Doing Puzzles at Tables"

  3. All beautiful.
    Is NZ truly about the constantly moving sky, the bountiful ocean, the giving land?
    Sure looks that way in your photos.
    Any photos of average people you see around you daily?

    What are the temperatures at mid-day and at bed time?
    Is this the warm season?

  4. Love the photo tour..

    When I was in Italy the first time, my companion while running was a stray Maremma that the kids named Dave. He wasn't much of a hugger either. He felt compelled to be with me as he thought I was an errant sheep that needed to be guided back to the fold.