Monday, 9 January 2012

Function over Form

One part of being here that really appeals to my Earth Sign nature is that everything is Function over Form. Alec does not care what things look like, but he cares about how things work.  And things work really well.
The bathroom is totally private and practical.
The kitchen allows for cooking and sprouting and recycling.
Everything is handy.
A bread knife on the porch is a human scale machete for dealing with weeds
Boots are at the door; slippers inside.
the kitchen sink with ripening fruit, and a window you can 
use to toss out the spiders you find in the chard.

recycling, burnables...and potatoes

the essential foods, including breadmaker and muesli

the microwave with citrus

the stove, more supplies, the fridge, the freezer

Alec peels fruit on porch with handy knife

the compost bin for food opposed to the big compost piles

Alec's favorite chair, with afghan

the entry porch with big step up

I will add to this page before we leave...but I find it very comfortable to be here. 

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